Eternity    R    - work in progress               

        This A. U. piece intersects with the normal timeline.



The Fight    PG

        An argument over the trival.



The First Anniversary     PG 

        This is an answer to a challenge - What would Will and Deanna's first anniversary be like.



I May Know The Word    PG    

        Inspired by a song...



Morning Rituals  co-written with Patty    PG 13          

        This is an answer to a challenge - What would Will do on a forced day off? But in truth there is really no plot...



My Beloved Wife    R           




NightBird    PG

        Days before Insurrection.



The Other Side    PG       

        Set in the near future.



Soon    PG           

        Continuation of 'My Beloved Wife'.



The Tree    G

        Two beings entertwined teach Will something about life.



Until Next Time    R

        Sequel to Waiting..



Vengeance Factor Revisited    G   

        This story takes place after the events of the episode The Vengeance Factor, an
episode where Riker has to kill a women he was attracted to before she assassinates someone.



Waiting    PG

        work in progress...



What Might Have Been    PG           

        This takes place during the episode `Yesterday's Enterprise'.






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